Hilo Studios is now revVana

Published on Saturday, October 12, 2019

Hilo Studios has relaunched as revVana and introduces revVana Plan and revVana Insights.

No other platform is better than revVana when it comes to helping you reveal critical gaps between your sales commitments and actual recognized revenue. Refine your revenue forecasts continuously for unrivaled accuracy, and realize your revenue faster with revVana.

To learn more about this change, read our full press release.

revVana logo

revVana is the first platform that standardizes your view of revenue across CRM and financial applications.

By providing a single source of truth for all sales commitments and automatically creating associated revenue plans, revVana answers the constant question “Why are we not seeing the revenue we expected?” And more importantly, revVana provides the information to correct it.

To make this happen, revVana is focused on three critical business solutions: 

Booking Management
Understand the dynamic nature of sales commitments and their relationship to forecasted revenue.
  • No single system of record for sales bookings
  • Inability to schedule out sales commitments
  • Inability to track changes of those sales commitments

Revenue Planning & Forecasting
Maintain revenue projections from constantly changing pipeline, sales commitments and changes to run-rate revenue plans.
  • Inaccurate forecasts due to lack of time-series scheduling of original sales commitments
  • Lack of tracking mechanism for changes to committed bookings

Revenue Realization
Process of relating actual financial performance to your sales commitments and utilizing that information to refine your forecasts.
  • Disconnect between sales commitments and revenue realized
  • No feedback loop to sales on revenue performance of sales commitments

revVana Plan

With revVana Plan, you can instantly forecast revenue from your open and closed sales commitments over time within existing CRM systems that fall short when converting sales into revenue forecasts. revVana’s flexible revenue scheduling engine automatically creates forecasts at the account, opportunity, or any other sales level from your CRM data.


  • Native Salesforce Integration
  • Bookings Management
  • Automated Revenue Scheduling
  • Multi-Scenario Planning
  • Revenue Event Management

revVana Insights

revVana Insights lets you easily analyze, compare, or contrast your planned sales commitments against changes to those commitments, as well as other scenarios such as actual revenue, corporate budgets and sales quotas.


  • Integration with revVana Plan and Einstein Analytics
  • Multi-Scenario Analysis
  • Pre-built Dashboard Templates

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