Stop Using Sales Projection Excel Templates, Use Salesforce

Published on Monday, November 8, 2021

Though the practice of sales forecasting may seem pretty straightforward, revenue projections are only as accurate as the tools you use to create them. When tackling sales forecasting efforts, it’s wise to not make the mistake of trusting sales projection templates on Excel, despite the long-time notoriety and general cost-efficiency of the program.

Realistically, lots of manual work is required to create an accurate sales projection model on Excel—work that may forfeit both time and money. In comparison, revVana revenue realization management solutions eliminate the time-consuming frustrations that accompany sales projection templates on Excel with an automated revenue forecasting generator built on Salesforce. 

Learn why more business owners or organization leaders should stop using sales projection templates on Excel and use revVana on Salesforce instead. 

Why Sales Projections are Important

A sales projection is the estimated amount of revenue a company is expected to earn by a specific point in time. This timeframe can vary from multiple years in the future to a specific quarter or even a designated week, depending on an organization’s goals and objectives. Sales projections act as a critical indicator of how an organization’s management, sales processes, assets and employees are performing. 

Sales projections are arguably some of the most important data sets derived from a company. With accurate projections, businesses can conceptualize the level of performance of various business components—like the sales process or marketing efforts— and make adjustments where necessary. Projections further enhance your organization’s preparedness efforts, whether they be better calculating future resource and inventory needs or creating ongoing sales forecasts for investors.

With the value of sales projection data so high to manufacturing, tech, and health and life science industries, businesses should strive for highly accurate calculations. Although this is possible through sales projection templates on Excel, the amount of upkeep and extensive processes that clunky programs require ultimately create operational slowdowns and errors organizations simply do not want to encounter. 

Why Sales Projection Templates in Excel Fall Short

To truly understand why an application built on the industry’s top-rated SaaS CRM platform outperforms sales projection templates on Excel, it’s best to start with where spreadsheet programs like Excel fall short. For one, the manual processes that must be completed on Excel sales projection templates are difficult to train on and typically require a thorough understanding before use. 

Sales projection templates in Excel and similar programs include an exhaustive learning process that creates an even more extensive data gathering process. By the time businesses collect and analyze data to input into the spreadsheet template, the figures themselves may already be stale—causing sales projections to be both inaccurate and out-of-date due to not being able to include changes that occur in the time spent to generate the spreadsheet-based forecast. 

On the topic of tedious manual processes that can negatively impact sales forecasts, sales projection templates also fall short on accessibility. Sales projections templates on Excel make it a hassle to coordinate incoming data from multiple sources, meaning the more data sources your organization leverages, the more opportunities for errors in manual data input your business faces.

You may turn to a CRM or business intelligence software that natively integrates with your sales forecasting tool to reduce accessibility shortfalls. Unfortunately, sales projections templates on Excel fall significantly short on integration capabilities outside of Office 365. Likewise, security and governance efforts surrounding sales projection templates may fall short as disparate files will be spread across an organization.

How to Make Sales Projections Smarter with Salesforce

Although sales projection templates on Excel can help you conquer sales forecasting, they certainly do not make the manual labor or potential data risks any easier. This is where Salesforce and the benefits of a modern cloud come into play. With revVana built on Salesforce, sales projections are made smarter through enhanced integration, accessibility and customization.

Here’s how your business can make sales projections smarter with Salesforce, to measure financial performance and predict future revenue

Seamless Integration Simplifies Data Collection

By incorporating the use of a customer relationship management software like Salesforce, you can gather and compile data from multiple outlets to more efficiently create and track your sales projections. The interoperability between revVanna and Salesforce helps you also automate your forecasting processes by pulling all necessary data and displaying it in a consumable format, all in the same system where your sales teams are working on a daily basis—minus the typical manual needs of Excel sales projection templates. 

Enhanced Customization Allows for a Targeted Sales Projection

When deciding which projection methods work best for your sales forecasting efforts, you’ll want software that offers enhanced configuration to match your organization’s specific needs. Integration between revVana and Salesforce allows you to include or exclude specific revenue items to better see which products or services sell best, aiding in a more accurate sales projection. 

Likewise, businesses can additionally plan for different scenarios using the various data sources revVana gathers. For instance, honing in on when sales spike around the holiday season or Q4 and then subsequently decline in the following weeks allows a business to leverage sales cycles to accurately predict revenue in the coming months.

Easy Accessibility Creates a More Collaborative Sales Projection

With the interoperability between revVana and Salesforce, items from all data sources across your business are effortlessly stored in a single place. This ability to quickly and efficiently compile data across your organization further provides greater visibility to all employees, enhancing your sales projections across marketing, sales and customer experience teams. 

With the ease of Salesforce, revVana insights offer your team the ability to take action on sales projection projects iteratively and track any improvements along the way. With such heavy amounts of critical data all in one place, Salesforce works to provide an easily accessible platform while also ensuring complete security. 

Ditch Sales Projection Templates on Excel and Adopt Salesforce Instead

With numerous operational processes already occurring within your business, don’t allow your financial operations to become weighed down by the manual time-consuming needs of sales projection templates on Excel. With revVana’s seamless integration with Salesforce, your sales projection efforts are not only streamlined but also enhanced by numerous upgraded features. 

From effortless data collection to enhanced accessibility, you and your team can construct highly accurate sales projections with ease with revVana. To better understand why you should ditch sales projection templates on Excel and instead adopt the effortless and accurate capabilities of Salesforce, contact revVana today to schedule a demo.

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