Revenue Plan and Maximize Revenue Insights by revVana

Traditional revenue forecasting? It's inflexible, inaccurate, and can’t keep up with ever-changing markets.

Go beyond static sales projections. Get dynamic revenue forecasting to see when contracts actually convert to revenue. All in real time. All within Salesforce.

There's a better way. It's called dynamic revenue forecasting. And you can do it with revVana.

revVana enables greater revenue forecast accuracy by breaking down data silos and allowing critical customer-level data to flow between Sales, Finance, and Operations. All without spreadsheets.


Save hundreds of hours of manual effort


Accurately predict supply and demand


Make proactive business decisions

See the difference dynamic can make

What dynamic revenue forecasting means for you

Greater forecast accuracy

Automatically generate revenue forecasts with real-time customer data in Salesforce including new business pipeline, existing customers, and customer intentions to expand or contract.

Better visibility into operational requirements

Align revenue-generating operations to see what’s selling. Forecast operational metrics like volume units or capacity needs alongside revenue forecasts.

Increased organizational agility

Accelerate the speed and accuracy of Sales, Finance, and Operations with a common view of customer-level data and resulting revenue.

What the industry is saying

See the difference dynamic can make