Salesforce Forecasting:
Build a Revenue Forecasting Machine

Salesforce is the go-to software for sales teams for a reason: It’s an outstanding sales tool. And yet for companies that have revenue coming in over time through bookings or subscriptions, getting the right insights from Salesforce can be a challenge for their financial planning & analysis and sales operations teams.

Problems With Forecasting:
Where Is Your Revenue Hiding?

To meet growth goals, companies can’t let revenue slip through the cracks. Yet there are gaps between expected pipeline revenue and the revenue forecast that are costing companies millions of dollars — sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars — of revenue today. This whitepaper describes four primary gaps you should be aware of.

How to Boost Revenue by Uniting Sales, Finance, and Ops Teams In today’s fast-paced business environment, aligning sales, finance, and operations teams is crucial for optimizing revenue performance. Each make big contributions to revenue, but departmental silos and outdated forecasting methods can make collaboration between these departments difficult — and it’s getting worse, not better, with new technology

Dynamic Forecasting Gives Manufacturing the Means to Survive

Dynamic forecasting uses real-time data from all sources (sales, operations, finance, etc.) to give you greater accuracy in your forecast and greater agility to identify and act on changes in demand.

Dynamic Forecasting Report:

A more agile, reliable, and data-driven approach to revenue forecasting in a modern commercial model.