Revenue has never been more critical. Good news, forecasting just got a lot easier.

revVana generates revenue forecasts automatically in Salesforce. See how easy it is to save time, forecast accurately, and make better operational decisions.

Spend less time but deliver better forecasts.

No more spreadsheets. Translate sales forecasts into the most accurate, up-to-date financial revenue forecasts with just a few clicks inside Salesforce.

Accuracy Matters.

Forecast from all revenue streams: run-rate, renewals or expansion, and new business opportunities. Automatically capture customer input from the field and adjust revenue forecasts immediately, ensuring your forecasts always reflect the most up-to-date information.

Identify gaps. React faster. Drive performance.

Get complete visibility into key operating business drivers, such as product volume, capacity, demand planning, and more. Do it all in one collaborative environment so you can proactively identify gaps in your operations and react to them faster, ultimately driving higher levels of corporate performance.

The revVana Platform

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revVana + Salesforce

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