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The Revenue Operations
Platform for Salesforce

Automate your Revenue Forecasts in real time

Build the bridge between Sales, Operations, and Finance

revVana is the only Salesforce Native Revenue Operations Platform that automates your revenue forecasting bringing Sales, Operations and Finance together.

Automate Forecasting

  • Eliminate the delay and risk of errors caused by spreadsheets between Sales, Finance and Operations.
  • Automate revenue forecasting and other key operational metrics in real-time.
  • Reduce the effort to cast revenue forecasts from weeks to real-time.

Improve Forecast Accuracy

  • Improve revenue forecast accuracy by implementing transparent pipeline to revenue standards.
  • Forecast where your customer facing teams work, in Salesforce, for greater accuracy and timely data.
  • Manage more powerful revenue forecasts at the territory, opportunity, account, product or any level in Salesforce.

Maximize Revenue Realization

  • Realize a greater portion of the revenue committed by sales.
  • Identify and respond faster to revenue gaps with real-time visibility at the region, product, customer or opportunity level.
  • Improve yield with more effective sales and finance alignment between bookings and actuals.

What our customers are saying
on Salesforce Appexchange

Solving problems together

The solution is terrific, Very flexible and great visualization to help the Sales teams see their forecast. The RevVana team is great to work with, knowledgeable and committed to making the product work.

Pam Morgenstern
VP Sales Operations, Integra Life Sciences

Good Product

revVana is a good product. The team works hard to continuously improve the product and provide the necessary dashboards and functionality to understand your business.

Susan Parker
Customer Experience Director, Danfoss

Great Product and Support

The revVana product is extremely flexible and we were able to customize it to fit our business model. Extremely responsive support. It was great working with the revVana team and looking forward to the future enhancements.

Bill Karlis
Senior Analyst, Integra Life Sciences

Automate Revenue Operations with revVana

Sales booking management and revenue forecasting & planning has never been more automated and accurate

Revenue Forecasting from Pipeline

Most forecasting applications focus on bookings pipeline, not revenue. A Revenue Operations Platform should be true to its name - Revenue.

Upgrade Salesforce Product Revenue Schedules

Salesforce product schedules can be difficult to work with. Upgrade revenue schedule capabilities with revVana.

Better Revenue Forecasts from Salesforce CPQ

Take Salesforce CPQ to the next level by driving revenue forecasts off of them to align Sales, Operations and Finance.

Forecast Revenue at Any Level in Salesforce

Forecast account level run rate, territory plans, targets and quotas. revVana’s forecast automation works with any level or object in Salesforce.

Operational Forecasts

Take Revenue Operations to a new level by forecasting billing, cash, product volume, demand planning from your pipeline in Salesforce. Demand Planning and ERP applications only see what has been booked, get the entire picture.

Automated Revenue Forecasts

Auto-generated revenue scheduling at every level

Nothing helps you maximize revenue like revVana

revVana is the first platform that standardizes your view of revenue across CRM and financial applications by providing a single source of truth for all sales commitments and automatically creates associated revenue plans. The constant question “Why are we not seeing the revenue we expected?” can now be answered — and more importantly, corrected.

revVana Plan

With revVana Plan, you can instantly forecast revenue from your open and closed sales commitments over time within existing CRM systems that fall short when converting sales into revenue forecasts. revVana’s flexible revenue scheduling engine automatically creates forecasts at the account, opportunity, or any other sales level from your CRM data.


  • Native Salesforce Integration
  • Bookings Management
  • Automated Revenue Scheduling
  • Multi-Scenario Planning
  • Revenue Event Management
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revVana Insights

revVana Insights lets you easily analyze, compare, or contrast your planned sales commitments against changes to those commitments, as well as other scenarios such as actual revenue, corporate budgets and sales quotas.


  • Integration with revVana Plan and Tableau CRM (formerly Salesforce CRM Analytics)
  • Multi-Scenario Analysis
  • Pre-built Dashboard Templates
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Automate Your
Revenue Forecasts

Frequently Asked Questions

We already use another sales forecasting tool with Salesforce, why do we need revVana?

Sales forecasting tools typically focus on managing your pipeline and booked deals. revVana expands on top of your sales forecasting tools by forecasting revenue over time based on the timing of expected revenue from your products and services in your pipeline.

How does revVana differ from other planning and forecasting solutions such as FP&A applications?

revVana works alongside other forecasting and planning solutions. revVana is a powerful source for new deal revenue forecasts that can be fed into your top line revenue within your FP&A applications. In addition, revVana can integrate with most popular FP&A applications to provide actual revenue performance within your Salesforce application for your customer facing teams.

How does revVana automate revenue forecasts?

revVana uses the data from accounts, opportunities, and any other Salesforce objects to automatically generate forecasts using time-based rules set by your organization.

Can revVana integrate data from ERP and other financial Applications?

Yes! revVana’s multi scenario architecture allows for easy integration of financial and operational data from across your enterprise.

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Maximize your revenue
potential with revVana

  • Native Salesforce Integration
  • Bookings Management
  • Automated Revenue Scheduling
  • Multi-Scenario Planning
  • Revenue Event Management
  • Pre-built Dashboard Templates

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