Salesforce-native revenue forecasts you can rely on

Maximize revenue growth with the only revenue forecasting solution that gives you complete visibility of forecast gaps and market demand. No spreadsheets or home-grown solutions required.

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Are you still trying to forecast revenue outside of Salesforce?

If you’re pulling pipeline, booking, and run rate data out of Salesforce to forecast revenue in spreadsheets or a custom-built solution, you’re likely dealing with inaccurate data and an alarmingly incomplete picture of business performance.

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Finally, there’s a better way…

Time Hours to create and update Complete, time-based revenue forecast visibility with a single click
Effort Sales is responsible for manually entering and updating bookings  Sales updates Salesforce; no additional revenue data entry
Decision-making Reactive Proactive
Alignment Finance, Operations, and C-Suite rely on the accuracy of data entry from Sales Central location for all Sales and finance data
Accuracy Days and weeks of lag time due to manual updating when data changes Real-time forecast updates across all accounts and revenue streams
Reporting Manual reporting varies by individual and team C-Suite-ready reports export in seconds 
Quality Error-prone, time-consuming, insecure, and inconsistent Fast, automated data population in secure, enterprise-grade software

Create accurate revenue forecasts from the comfort of Salesforce

With revVana, you can generate real-time revenue forecasts for any opportunity or revenue stream in clicks, not hours.

Automate your tedious, error-prone processes

Create revenue forecasts in Salesforce without ever touching a spreadsheet. Input your finance rules and forecast at the account, territory, or any level in Salesforce.

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Get Sales, Operations, and Finance on the same page

Connect and understand field data and information in real time. Resource and unit-based forecasting make it easy to accurately forecast supply, demand, and company growth to inform key business decisions.

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Proactively identify and fill gaps in your forecast

Improve forecast accuracy and know how to navigate challenges and hit your numbers. Time-based revenue forecasts allow you to look ahead and see when sales commitments actually turn into revenue.

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What customers are saying…

“revVana is helping to close gaps and helps our C-suite and stakeholders to make the appropriate and timely business decisions.”

Rita Dana
Controller, Certis

“revVana drives our labor planning, manufacturing plant, hours of operation, overtime planning, everything. It helps us tell the finance people what they can expect from us, and they use that information to go to Wall Street.”

Global Director,
Product Management,

Global Manufacturing Company

“Not only has our Sales team seen less time spent in updating manual/clunky SF plans, but the translation of billings to revenue has been a huge step forward.”

Kevin O’Connor
CFO, Acuant – A GBG Company

Be confident in your revenue forecasts.

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