Revenue Plan and Maximize Revenue Insights by revVana

Markets are dynamic.
Your revenue forecasts should be too.

Go beyond static sales projections. Get dynamic revenue forecasting to see when contracts actually convert to revenue. All in real-time. All within Salesforce.

Finally. A better way to forecast your company’s growth.


Ditch the spreadsheets

Save hundreds of hours of manual effort. Automate your forecasts and bring run-rate, expansion, new business, and other customer data into a single, collaborative environment in Salesforce.


Accurately predict supply and demand

See what’s selling and what isn’t. Instantly know what you need to produce or source to hit short and long-term revenue targets.


Make proactive business decisions

Sales, Operations and Finance all collaborating on dynamic revenue forecasts. Identify risks in the pipeline or recurring business and take action before your business is impacted.

revVana revenue forecasting in under 90 seconds

See the fastest, most accurate way to forecast your revenue streams in Salesforce.

revVana + Salesforce = More growth for less effort

Salesforce gives you a 360-degree view of your customers. revVana extends that view to include accurate, real-time revenue forecasts across all of your revenue streams.

What customers are saying

A huge step forward

“revVana has helped us significantly improve our forecasting process. Not only have our Sales team seen less time spent in updating manual/clunky SF plans, but the translation of billings to revenue has been a huge step forward.”

Kevin O’Connor

CFO, Acuant - A GBG Company

How much time do you spend forecasting revenue? revVana helps you to do it faster.