The only way to accurately forecast the entire revenue lifecycle

Other tools claim to forecast revenue. They’re actually just delivering sales forecasts. revVana gives you the full story from first contact to revenue realization.

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Built by Salesforce solution architects

Our team has deep career experience in analytics, CRM, ERP, and FP&A applications at Salesforce, Oracle, and Verizon. After personally experiencing the challenges of revenue forecasting, we decided to build a better way.

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Dynamic revenue forecasting is the difference between hitting and missing your goals

A lot can change between closing a deal and realizing the revenue. revVana analyzes revenue gaps in real time so your team can accurately track progress to your forecasted goals.

What can revVana do for you?

Realize more revenue

Real-time gap analysis makes it easier to maximize revenue realization and yield — month over month and year over year. It’s the dynamic forecasting approach that makes consistent top-line revenue growth possible.

Turn disconnected data into easy-to-understand forecasts

revVana brings together data from Sales and forecasts from Finance and auto-generates multi-dimensional revenue forecasts based on your unique assumptions. Get ramped revenue schedules in seconds without ever touching a spreadsheet.

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Unlock more value from the data you already have in Salesforce

revVana complements your existing Salesforce investments and any other existing planning or forecasting software. Easily input formulas from Finance to visualize any data scenario in one central location.

Salesforce + revVana

Align your team on business objectives

From the sales team on the front lines to executives presenting to investors, revVana helps everyone understand how the organization is tracking toward its goals. When a revenue gap appears, you can proactively solve it before it impacts your business.

Get more accurate. Get more revenue.

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