revVana - Revenue Realization Management Solutions

Does your sales team constantly achieve or beat its sales targets, while your company misses revenue goals?

You’re not alone.

Most companies have a gap between booked sales and recognized revenue – a gap that’s often as wide as 50%. Until now, there hasn’t been an automated (like revVana), reliable way to close this financial chasm.

It’s time to stop wondering, “Did our deals shrink? Are they getting dragged out over a long time frame? Are revVana forecasts and projections reliable enough to bank on?”

Close the gap.

Booking Management
Understand the dynamic nature of sales commitments and their relationship to forecasted revenue.
  • No single system of record for sales bookings
  • Inability to schedule out sales commitments
  • Inability to track changes of those sales commitments

Revenue Planning & Forecasting
Maintain revenue projections from constantly changing pipeline, sales commitments and changes to run-rate revenue plans.
  • Inaccurate forecasts due to lack of time-series scheduling of original sales commitments
  • Lack of tracking mechanism for changes to committed bookings

Revenue Realization
Process of relating actual financial performance to your sales commitments and utilizing that information to refine your forecasts.
  • Disconnect between sales commitments and revenue realized
  • No feedback loop to sales on revenue performance of sales commitments

See how revVana help maximize revenue