revVana + Salesforce

Revenue Forecasts in Real Time

Learn about how revVana extends the power of the Salesforce platform for more timely and accurate revenue and operational forecasts.

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Revv Up Revenue Operations Capabilities

revVana automates revenue forecasts and other key operational metrics directly in Salesforce. Built to drive predictable revenue, revVana accounts for revenue from every account across your pipeline then uses automation to create forecasts and insights so an account is never overlooked again.

The result? Trusted and reliable revenue forecasts.

No other platform is better than revVana when it comes to helping you...

Automate Revenue Planning & Forecasting

Automate revenue forecasting process natively in Salesforce software

  • Instantly generate time-based revenue forecasts from your entire pipeline
  • Create revenue projections mapped to your existing financial processes
  • Real-time revenue visibility to changes throughout your entire sales process
  • Upgrade Salesforce Revenue Schedule Capabilities

Enhance Sales and Finance Collaboration

Leverage your revenue and sales forecast data

  • Streamline and standardize forecasting and revenue cadences
  • Give finance leaders transparency and insights to build confidence in their sales pipeline forecasts
  • Provide visibility on where the revenue gaps are occurring
  • Manage the relationship of different revenue profiles

Improve Revenue Operations Perfomance

Leverage your sales team data for accurate revenue forecasting

  • Visibility into new customers and deals in your pipeline
  • Forecast the timing of Billing, Cash, and other metrics
  • Assess business’s margin potential relative to its revenue in real time
  • Forecast key operational metrics such as head count, labor and fabrication hours

Empower Revenue Operations

RevOps has never had a Salesforce forecasting tool like this before.

With the ability to be adapted to meet the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes, revVana drastically reduces the time needed to generate forecast data. The revVana Platform provides a proactive planning environment with complete clarity over revenue expectations and transparency to forecasted revenue numbers, all in one location.

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