Revenue Plan and Maximize Revenue Insights by revVana

Automate your plan.
Adjust with reality.

Not seeing the revenue you expected? We aren’t surprised.

Large teams of bright minds are wasting countless hours creating stacks of spreadsheets. Most of them are out of date by the time they’re presented. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Wave goodbye to inaccurate spreadsheets. Say hello to automated revenue

revVana is the first platform to deliver a dynamic and collaborative view of revenue forecasts across your enterprise. Leveraging multiple data sources and built natively within Salesforce, revVana automatically generates accurate revenue forecasts in real-time across your entire customer and prospect base.

Bring Sales, Operations, and Finance into one plan

Instantly forecast revenue in Salesforce with revVana Plan

In just a few clicks, revVana automates the generation of a dynamic and transparent views of future revenue and operating metrics. Sales, Operations, and Finance can easily collaborate and update data to keep forecasts accurate and up-to-date. These real-time forecasts enable your business to respond to business and market changes with speed and agility. 


  • Native Salesforce integration
  • Run rate management
  • Automated revenue forecasting
  • Pipeline to revenue forecasting
  • Multi-scenario planning

Identify actionable revenue strategies with revVana Insights

revVana Insights takes your revenue analysis to a whole new level. Analyze, compare, and contrast your planned sales commitments against actual results. And easily run scenarios for actual revenue, corporate budgets, sales quotas, and more.


  • Integration with Salesforce CRM Analytics (formerly Einstein Analytics)
  • Dynamic views of existing and new business revenue streams
  • Forecast accuracy and revenue realization analysis 
  • Pre-built dashboard templates and data integration

You could save hundreds of hours in just a few clicks. See how.