Revenue Plan and Maximize Revenue Insights by revVana

Nothing helps you maximize revenue like revVana

revVana is the first platform that standardizes your view of revenue across CRM and financial applications by providing a single source of truth for all sales commitments and automatically creates associated revenue plans. The constant question “Why are we not seeing the revenue we expected?” can now be answered — and more importantly, corrected.

How it Works

revVana Plan

With revVana Plan, you can instantly forecast revenue from your open and closed sales commitments over time within existing CRM systems that fall short when converting sales into revenue forecasts. revVana’s flexible revenue scheduling engine automatically creates forecasts at the account, opportunity, or any other sales level from your CRM data.


  • Native Salesforce Integration
  • Bookings Management
  • Automated Revenue Scheduling
  • Multi-Scenario Planning
  • Revenue Event Management

revVana Insights

revVana Insights lets you easily analyze, compare, or contrast your planned sales commitments against changes to those commitments, as well as other scenarios such as actual revenue, corporate budgets and sales quotas.


  • Integration with Salesforce CRM Analytics (formerly Tableau CRM)
  • Multi-Scenario Analysis
  • Pre-built Dashboard Templates

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