Never be surprised by missed revenue targets again

revVana gives you complete real-time visibility of your sales pipeline so you can make proactive business
decisions that protect and accelerate top-line growth.

Built in Salesforce

Subscription pricing

Rapid team adoption

Don’t overshoot or underestimate. Proactively close the gaps.

revVana gives you the information you need when you need it.

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Get every department on the same page

Sales, Finance, and RevOps all add, edit, or report on data directly within Salesforce, so you maintain one reliable source of truth.

Know when to hire, downsize, or hold steady

No more reacting. Make decisions based on forecasted revenue and resources.

Report to the board with confidence

Forecasts are auto-updated with the latest data from Sales, Finance, and RevOps.

“We were manually calculating revenue forecasts in Excel and constantly adjusting. C-suite was forced to ask the Accountant for the forecast as it was easily accessible to them. With revVana we were able to incorporate the data in our Salesforce dashboards and everyone knew where the revenue was at any given point in time.

Rita Dana

VP of Finance – Certis

Get revenue forecasts you can count on