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Medical technology leader achieves more than 90% revenue forecast accuracy

Why revVana


revVana partnered with a medical technology company that creates innovative products used to treat brain tumors, traumatic brain injuries, strokes, and other neurological conditions. Every day, surgeons depend on the availability of these products to make life-altering, often life-saving, decisions.

Plainsboro, NJ

5,000+ employees

Life Sciences

Results with revVana

90% forecast accuracy

(50% before revVana)

500 spreadsheets replaced

2-3 weeks of lag time eliminated

The revVana platform provided an amazingly accurate revenue forecast in a highly unpredictable economic period.

VP of Operations


Prior to engaging with revVana, the company was manually forecasting revenue in spreadsheets. Hundreds of them. The finance team would spend more than two weeks putting together revenue forecasts, then work to combine them with pipeline sources from Salesforce Sales Cloud. But by the time the data was aggregated, it was out of date. And even if the data was still accurate, account owners had no clear way to combine run rate revenue with pipeline revenue.

These fragmented forecasts resulted in low forecast accuracy — 50-70% — far too low to inform critical business decisions. The medical technology company’s end-users are surgeons who (along with their patients) need to know the products will be there when they need them. Without accurate revenue forecasts, the company can’t effectively plan for product demand.


When the medical technology company partnered with revVana, they immediately reduced their dependence on unreliable spreadsheets. Because the revVana platform is built directly on Salesforce, the company’s Sales, Finance, and Operations teams could easily centralize all of their revenue data within Salesforce Sales Cloud. Once the spreadsheet data was exported, the company was able to manage multiple revenue forecasts and scenarios in just a few clicks.


revVana helped the medical technology company eliminate more than 500 spreadsheets and consolidate data into a central location that was easy for Sales, Operations, and Finance to access and update. These teams went from spending more than two weeks generating forecasts with 50-70% accuracy to instantly generating revenue forecasts with more than 90% accuracy.

The time savings, visibility, accuracy, and automation have enabled the company to make business decisions with speed and confidence and continue to meet the demand for their life-saving technology.

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