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The Dynamic Revenue
Forecasting Solution
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Salesforce – The Benefits of a Modern Cloud

Salesforce is the enterprise-wide platform for collaboration and revVana incorporates input from all customer-facing interactions directly into your revenue forecast. This allows users to capture changes in real-time and generate accurate revenue forecasts automatically.

More than 150,000 companies rely on Salesforce for a 360-degree view of their customers. revVana extends that view to include current and future forecasts of run-rate, expansion and new business revenue.

Forecast Revenue Faster & More Accurately Than Ever

Forecasting Revenue Doesn’t Need to be Hard

Simplify the process of creating company revenue forecasts with accurate predictions.

Instant Forecasts

With revVana, revenue forecasts are generated automatically and dynamically from Account run-rate, expansion plans, opportunities and other future revenue or operational metrics stored in any Salesforce object. Forecasts are always up-to-date because they incorporate changes as they happen in real time.

Start Forecasting Revenue Where It Starts

With revVana, you can forecast directly from your accounts and / or the opportunities within them. Leverage the accuracy and immediacy of the data coming from those closest to the customer.

Revenue Clarity

Get a 360-degree view of your revenue at the account, opportunity, territory, or product line through the entire customer lifecycle. By incorporating insights from all groups that interact with current and future customers, you ensure clarity and transparency regarding future revenue.

Learn more about the power of combining revVana to your Salesforce org for more timely and accurate revenue forecasts