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Salesforce – The Benefits of a Modern Cloud

revVana is built on Salesforce, the industry’s top-rated SaaS CRM platform, incorporating all the capabilities of its modern cloud infrastructure. Salesforce’s multi-tenant architecture is future-proof, ensuring revVana will always be the # 1 dynamic revenue forecasting platform available for every industry. Over 150,000 companies use Salesforce to grow and manage their business because of the market-leading benefits it delivers.

Forecast Revenue Faster & More Accurately Than Ever

State of the Art Data ProtectionSalesforce’s comprehensive security, which includes infrastructure, network, and application security, is designed to provide customers with complete privacy and high levels of performance. Salesforce uses a skilled cybersecurity team and the latest security technologies to ensure each customer has access to the best available data protection.
Fast and Flexible ConfigurationUsing Salesforce’s powerful infrastructure, extensive configuration options and tools allow you to set up revVana without any custom development. revVana can be quickly configured to adapt to a variety of planning and forecasting needs. Plus, it is100% built on Salesforce, making extending the application easy.
Ideal for Any IndustryAvailable through the Salesforce AppExchange, revVana is able to offer all of our planning and forecasting solutions for any industry.
Comprehensive Business Management EcosystemrevVana is fully integrated with Salesforce’s Sales Cloud, Salesforce CRM Analytics, and CPQ. Are you ready to get started? Our deployment teams can help customers in any industry rapidly utilize our revolutionary revenue planning and forecasting platform directly within Salesforce.
Easy IntegrationsrevVana’s platform easily integrates with external applications such as FP&A tools, ERP systems and other data stores.Seamlessly connecting with both enterprise applications in the cloud or on-premise using Salesforce's modern integration infrastructure
Reporting and AnalyticsWith revVana, you can set rules for how and when to cast and recast revenue forecasts based on sales stages or actual revenue from your ERP system. revVana’s flexible revenue scheduling engine will automatically create forecast data at the company, account, opportunity, and/or product line-item levels, all directly within Salesforce Sales Cloud or Salesforce CPQ.
Easy to UseSalesforce's modern interface is built for today's workforce with its intuitive and productive user experience. Best practices and training are optimized for new users, experts, and everyone in between.
Future ProofSalesforce's multi-tenant cloud runs on a single code base, enabling every customer to run their business on the latest release without disruption. revVana ensures that our software is always up-to-date with the newest updates to make sure forecasts and projections are as accurate as possible.

Forecasting Revenue Doesn’t Need to be Hard

Simplify the process of creating company revenue forecasts with accurate predictions.

Instant Forecasts

With revVana, revenue forecasts are generated automatically and dynamically from your Salesforce opportunities. Get up-to-date forecasts instantly with just the click of a button.

Start Forecasting Revenue Where It Starts

With revVana, you can start forecasting revenue directly from your sales pipeline and open opportunities. Giving you an accurate understanding of how revenue will trail from all accounts.

Revenue Clarity

Get a 360-degree view of your revenue at the account, opportunity, territory, or product line through the entire customer lifecycle. Giving a proactive planning environment with complete clarity over revenue expectations and transparency to forecasted revenue numbers all in one location.

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