Maximize your investment in Salesforce

revVana unlocks more value from Salesforce without overhauling your existing forecasting processes.

More flexibility

More granular data

More time for business objectives

Salesforce is great for forecasting when your open pipeline will close. But what about forecasting real revenue?

Prescriptive processes

Salesforce often requires you to adopt very specific processes to forecast anything beyond pipeline.

Limited calculations

Salesforce process limitations can hold you back from configuring your forecasting models and calculations.

The result?

Teams pull their data out of Salesforce to forecast revenue in spreadsheets

Spreadsheet X

Spreadsheet Y

Spreadsheet Z

Salesforce + revVana = Revenue Forecasting Automation

revVana empowers you to customize forecasts, rules, and formulas directly in Salesforce and eliminate your offline processes once and for all. The best part? revVana doesn’t change your sales reps’ day-to-day. It automates it.

Enhance what’s working

Maintain and enhance your preferred processes without rebuilding or creating more work for your team.

Fix the processes that don’t

revVana can fix and automate broken or disconnected processes directly in Salesforce. If you need it, we’ll get it working.

Any instance. Any process. Any use case.

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revVana has helped us significantly improve our forecasting process. Not only have our Sales team seen less time spent in updating manual/clunkly SF plans, but the translation of billings to revenue has been a huge step forward. Now our FP&A team can consume updated pipeline data ad hoc and speed the forecasting.

Kevin O’Connor

More reasons to forecast with Salesforce + revVana

State-of-the-art data protection

As a native app, revVana leverages Salesforce’s robust infrastructure to keep sensitive revenue data secure.

Fast and flexible configuration

Accelerate speed to value with rapid configuration in Salesforce – no custom development required.

Ideal for any industry

revVana is available to any Salesforce customer through the AppExchange, with unique benefits for manufacturing, medical devices, life sciences, and consumption-based revenue.

Works with what you have

revVana is fully compatible with Sales Cloud, Revenue Cloud, CRM Analytics, and any Salesforce platform customizations.

Seamless integrations

Easily pull data from external systems like ERP or transactional systems. Analyze data natively in CRM Analytics or export it to third-party BI tools.

Reporting and analytics

Set rules for how and when to cast and recast revenue forecasts based on sales stages or actual revenue from your ERP system.

Easy to use

Forecast within the familiar and intuitive Salesforce interface. revVana is 100% native, so you never have to switch between tools.

Future proof

When Salesforce updates, revVana updates. You’ll always benefit from the latest software releases without disruption.

Create accurate revenue forecasts, all from the comfort of Salesforce

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