Revenue Operations: Do You Know If You Will Meet, Beat, or Miss on Revenue?

Learn More About Revenue Forecasting

Companies Run On Revenue
Not Sales Bookings

Accurately forecasting sales bookings is only part of the critical role that Revenue Operations plays. To be fully effective, Revenue Operations teams are now being asked to take the next step and forecast out when those bookings will be realized as revenue. revVana helps revenue operations teams play a bigger role in reporting revenue that will be used to fund the company, investments, and future growth.

Go Beyond Bookings and Forecast Revenue

As the revenue center for your company, Revenue Operations provides the entire company with the pulse of the business.  Effectively forecasting revenue will allow you to:

"Now we’re able to take concentration on the revenue forecasting process from the executive team and give it to the rest of our team so that they can own it. This makes the forecasting process faster and even more scalable which is critical in our sales process."
Kevin O'Connor
CFO Acuant a GBG company

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