Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management allows you to meet your financial planning needs in today’s competitive marketplace in a fast, powerful, and insightful way.

Today’s financial planning professionals face unique challenges. As revenues fluctuate in a volatile and ever-changing marketplace, organizations scramble to boost productivity. Outdated systems are slow, clunky, and laden with bottlenecks. You need robust, easy-to-use strategic planning tools designed to maximize profitability and meet corporate goals.

The revVana Platform provides a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution that combines revenue performance and sales productivity for a 360° view of real-time revenue information. If you’re ready to maximize your revenue growth potential and rev up your financial planning and forecasting, revVana has the tools and visibility you need to drive financial success.

revVana Plan - Sales Booking Management & Revenue Forecasting

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Empowering your people with revVana Plan

Native Salesforce IntegrationSeamlessly integrated into Sales Cloud… Learn More  
Bookings ManagementSystem of record for sales bookings… Learn More  
Automated Revenue SchedulingAuto-generated revenue forecasts… Learn More  
Multi-Scenario PlanningAccount Plans, Quotas and more… Learn More  
Revenue Event ManagementManage revenue plan changes… Learn More  
Multiple EditionsTo meet your business requirements. Learn More  

Benefits of Corporate Performance Management of Revenue

Corporate Performance Management with the revVana platform can be a strategic management tool used to create organizational strategies around revenue planning and forecasting based on real-time sales and business intelligence. CPM improves sales and business management process flows to facilitate collaborative efforts and report key metrics to help keep your business on track and your profits growing.

Improve Revenue Growth Rates

With real-time visibility to revenue projections and realization, revVana helps organizations maximize revenue potential and improve the revenue growth rate.

Boost Sales Productivity

Using revVana, sales teams have instant visibility to closed won opportunities and key performance indicators, such as how revenue performance measures against quota and revenue targets. hey can also better understand the projected revenue potential of their open pipeline.

Stay on Budget

revVana uses Tableau CRM (formerly Salesforce CRM Analytics) to dynamically measure and analyze revenue performance from open and closed opportunities against corporate budget targets. revVana makes complex financial information simple with across-the-board financial consolidation, so you can know at a glance whether your projected revenues are on track to meet budget goals.

Achieve Revenue Realization

Ensure smooth cash flow with one of revVana’s most powerful and unique features, the ability to track the realization of booked or committed revenue.

Build a Balanced Scorecard

Increased visibility helps you align company vision and goals with performance. Prioritize projects, track KPIs, and compare performance against expectations to connect the dots between vision and strategy.

Gain a Competitive Edge

In order to stay ahead of your competitors, you need access to integrated information and insights to drive profitability. revVana provides the business performance management (BPM) platform that offers quantitative insights on your revenue based on historical data, current results, and predictive analytics for better informed decision-making.

revVana’s sales and revenue information analysis helps you achieve optimized business planning based on smart, data-driven decisions, respond instantly to opportunities and threats, and enables your entire organization to perform at peak efficiency.

Fast, Easy, Powerful Planning 

With revVana’s easy-to-use revenue-focused enterprise performance management software (EPM), you can optimize sales-to-revenue workflows to keep your planning process on time and on track. It allows you to streamline your planning cycle and make more informed decisions by letting your data do the work, as well as reduce the risk and errors by working with current data and data-based models.

Enterprise Financial Analytics and Planning

Transparent and scalable with financial intelligence baked in, revVana Plan puts the power of real-time data analysis insight at your fingertips. Capable of processing large quantities of data points, revVana Plan scales to meet your revenue financial forecasting and reporting needs, no matter how big your datascape grows as you grow. Leverage instant collaboration across your organization with confidence using our cloud-based, enterprise-grade security provided through the Salesforce platform.

Simplify Business Accounting

Harness the full spectrum of revenue financial planning and analysis (FP&A) to automate, reduce risk, and close faster. Built-in revVana revenue-related accounting intelligence does the work for you. Accurate and secure with validated, up-to-the-minute data. Easily switch between active sales opportunities, booked deals, and target scenarios for complete revenue business performance visibility with just a few clicks.

Close the Gap

Business finance is complicated. While the sales might be rolling in, your money may remain in flux. Booked sales are not always money in the bank. If you’re juggling annual recurring revenue, sales with future revenue streams, and other factors that result in a gap between sales figures and revenue goals, you are not alone. revVana gives you the financial insight you need to close the gap, stabilize the bottom line, and make strategic financial performance decisions.

revVana Plan Editions

Native integration with Salesforce
Salesforce Reporting
Sales Booking System of Record
Booking Sync with Opportunity
Committed Booking Snapshot & Comparison
Manual Revenue Scheduling at Account/Opportunity/Product Levels
Account / Run Rate Revenue Management
Automated Revenue Scheduling
Multi-Scenario Plans (e.g. forecasts, quotas, actuals)
Advanced Revenue Ramps & Models
Revenue Event Management
Simplified Data Model for Integration with FP&A, Visualization Tools

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Problems With Using A Spreadsheet

The number of companies still exporting data to spreadsheets is simply astonishing. Why use a manual, labor-intensive process that gives you outdated data the very minute it is downloaded when dynamic reports can be generated in seconds with a click?

When you integrate your systems and create dynamic results, the data shared with every team member at the same time is always in real-time and conflict can’t result from version sync. Errors are virtually eliminated, and messy data sources are automatically parsed. You’re always working with a clean, updated dataset, which means you’re always seeing accurate reports.

Let revVana Do It All For You

Break the silos. Join the evolution from manual spreadsheets and disjointed systems to a fully-integrated Salesforce-based revenue forecasting software solution. revVana’s revenue-related corporate performance management takes your revenue financial planning to the next level. Measure KPIs and combine financial scenarios and historical data to inform strategic decisions, do more accurate revenue budget forecasting, and boost performance and maximize revenue. Ease of use lets you hit the ground running.

Ready to optimize your corporate performance management and rev up your revenue today? 

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Native Salesforce Integration

All Editions of revVana Plan are seamlessly integrated into Salesforce Sales Cloud. Revenue planning and visibility starts with open and closed deals that originate from a sales pipeline. revVana Plan allows companies to integrate their revenue processes within current CRM processes. The integration with CRM enables
  • A completely integrated user interface (Lightning Ready) that helps rapidly drive adoption of your sales team
  • Integrated Salesforce reporting to provide real time visibility of you revenue forecasts and plans directly to the user based upon role, sales region, etc.
  • A data model that is created in CRM but can be exported in formats easily consumable by FP&A, BI or Data Visualization solutions

Bookings Management

Current forecasting and management of bookings from CRM systems can be manual and not flexible to meet your current processes for managing revenue commitments. revVana Plan provides the following functionality:
  • Bookings can be automatically created from your CRM opportunities or manually created for sales (such as indirect channels, distributors, resellers, etc.) residing outside of the traditional CRM process.
  • Automated Booking Process – Automatically include or exclude revenue items by product type, opportunity type (new, renewal or existing business), or any other attribute to match your current Booking process
  • Bookings can be forecasted by open opportunities and committed bookings can be stored to more easily report on your forecasted and closed commitments.

Automated Revenue Scheduling and Forecasting

revVana’s flexible revenue scheduling engine automatically creates forecasts at the account, opportunity, or any other sales level from your CRM data. It also lets you set rules for how and when to cast and recast forecasts based on your sales stages, actual revenue on accounts.
  • Schedule revenue at any level (Account, Opportunity, Territory, Product Group)
  • Spreadsheet-like interface in Salesforce
  • Provides account teams ability to manage and change revenue over time
  • Auto-generation of revenue forecast data based on configurable criteria
  • Immediate update of revenue forecasts overtime based on changes in related opportunities or other events.

Multi-Scenario Planning

revVana Plan is a full multi-scenario planning app that allows you to track revenue data from a variety of sources supporting a wide range of planning levels. Your sales teams can see and forecast the entire revenue profile of their accounts in the same place they manage their accounts (CRM). With revVana Plan, you can manage revenue plans across a variety of scenarios. Examples of revenue plan scenarios include:
  • Account revenue forecasts
  • Opportunity-level revenue forecasts
  • Official bookings revenue forecast
  • Baseline run-rate forecasts
  • Actual revenue from ERP and other data stores
  • Strategic plans, budgets, growth and product targets
  • Quotas and team targets

Revenue Event Management

revVana Plan tracks ‘Plan Events’ to add commentary and categorize significant updates to revenue plans. By managing revenue with revVana Plan and leveraging Plan Events, you can:
  • Track plan and forecast changes
  • Improve the management of account run-rate revenue
  • Manage the impact of revenue plan changes against key targets
  • Answer the question, “What changed in our forecast?”