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revVana Insights

Discover actionable revenue insights

revVana Insights is a pre-built Salesforce CRM Analytics application that connects to revVana Plan and other data sources, including ERP applications. Identify revenue gaps and growth opportunities with pre-designed dashboards that accelerate analysis and maximize revenue realization.

Take action with revVana Insights

Native Salesforce & revVana Plan IntegrationExperience seamless integration with revVana Plan and your existing investments in Salesforce.
Quick Action TemplatesRapidly identify new opportunities with pre-built data integration and dashboard templates in Salesforce CRM Analytics.
Multi-Scenario AnalysisIncorporate multiple data sources to view layered forecasts including team targets, pipeline stages and actuals from your ERP.

Native Salesforce & revVana Plan Integration

Built on Salesforce Tableau CRM (formerly Salesforce CRM Analytics), revVana Insights provides out of the box integration for Salesforce Sales Cloud and revVana Plan. This includes:
  • Configurable data flows to extract and denormalize data from Salesforce and revVana Plan.
  • Dashboard templates for use in Tableau CRM
  • Integration points to easily pull in ERP and other operational data

Multi Scenario Analysis

In addition to revVana Plan, revVana Insights is a true multi-scenario analytics application that can:
  • Represent revenue data, forecasts and targets from a wide variety of sources including:
    • revVana Plan Booking and Forecast data
    • Actual revenue from ERP and other data stores
    • Product targets and quotas from other sources
    • Committed revenue and budget data managed in other applications like ERP.
  • Allow for easy Scenario-to-Scenario analysis which means end business users can quickly analyze scenarios from any sources against each other.

Advanced Revenue Analytics

Pre-built dashboard templates in Tableau CRM (formerly Salesforce CRM Analytics) provide the ability to quickly build powerful revenue analysis applications with revVana Insights. Examples of prebuilt dashboards include:
  • Scenario-to-scenario analysis
  • Time series analysis and forecasting
  • Forecast to actual to target (multi-scenario analysis)
  • Revenue realization analytics

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