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revVana Insights

Empower revenue realization with revVana Insights

revVana Insights is a pre-built Tableau CRM (formerly Salesforce CRM Analytics) application that includes connectivity to revVana Plan and a variety of dashboard templates to accelerate revenue analysis and maximizing revenue realization.

Get the answers to why you missed your revenue forecast or why it changed

revVana Insights lets you easily analyze, compare, or contrast your planned sales commitments against changes to those commitments, as well as other scenarios such as actual revenue, corporate budgets and sales quotas.

Get Answers with revVana Insights

Native Salesforce & revVana Plan IntegrationFull integration with revVana Plan and your existing investments… Learn More  
Multi-Scenario AnalysisRepresent revenue data, forecasts and targets from a wide variety of sources… Learn More  
Advanced Revenue AnalyticsPre-built dashboard templates in Salesforce CRM Analytics… Learn More  

Native Salesforce & revVana Plan Integration

Built on Salesforce Tableau CRM (formerly Salesforce CRM Analytics), revVana Insights provides out of the box integration for Salesforce Sales Cloud and revVana Plan. This includes:
  • Configurable data flows to extract and denormalize data from Salesforce and revVana Plan.
  • Dashboard templates for use in Tableau CRM
  • Integration points to easily pull in ERP and other operational data

Multi Scenario Analysis

In addition to revVana Plan, revVana Insights is a true multi-scenario analytics application that can:
  • Represent revenue data, forecasts and targets from a wide variety of sources including:
    • revVana Plan Booking and Forecast data
    • Actual revenue from ERP and other data stores
    • Product targets and quotas from other sources
    • Committed revenue and budget data managed in other applications like ERP.
  • Allow for easy Scenario-to-Scenario analysis which means end business users can quickly analyze scenarios from any sources against each other.

Advanced Revenue Analytics

Pre-built dashboard templates in Tableau CRM (formerly Salesforce CRM Analytics) provide the ability to quickly build powerful revenue analysis applications with revVana Insights. Examples of prebuilt dashboards include:
  • Scenario-to-scenario analysis
  • Time series analysis and forecasting
  • Forecast to actual to target (multi-scenario analysis)
  • Revenue realization analytics

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