revVana for Health & Life Sciences

Forecast Revenue From
Medical Products and
Devices Faster

Deliver quality services, increase ROI from sales
teams, and reduce inventory

Processing revenue forecasts in the health and life sciences industry is still manually done today resulting in old and inaccurate data which creates gaps between sales and finance teams. revVana automates the process by giving you an accurate and real-time look at your revenue.

With revVana you can:

Automate Revenue
Forecasting Plans

Forecast and plan your revenue directly from open pipeline and closed deals giving you a 360-view of all of your accounts.

Manage Run
Rate Revenue

Set company rules to forecast and manage your base business to account for its sales growth over time

Multi-Level Revenue Forecasting

Create and administer revenue forecasts at any sales level, by product lines or sales territories, allowing you to maintain your overall revenue growth.

Multi-Scenario Planning

Compare and manage your revenue plans across a variety of scenarios, from actuals to budgets to quotas.

Ready to forecast your Growth?