Revenue Plan and Maximize Revenue Insights by revVana

Dynamic revenue forecasting for health and life sciences

Ideal for medical device and pharmaceutical companies that need faster, more accurate revenue and demand forecasting.

There's a better way. It's called dynamic revenue forecasting. And you can do it with revVana.

revVana enables greater revenue forecast accuracy by breaking down data silos and allowing critical customer-level data to flow between Sales, Finance, and Operations. All without spreadsheets.


Save hundreds of hours of manual effort


Accurately predict supply and demand


Make proactive business decisions

Counter market uncertainty with forecast accuracy

Move from static spreadsheets to dynamic data

Close the gap between forecasted and realized revenue. Add customer-level data from new business pipeline, existing customers, and customer intentions to expand or contract to reduce the risk of missed targets.

Capture more revenue with better demand planning visibility

Demand planning systems can’t predict new business. Dynamic revenue forecasts provide your demand planning and supply chain teams with months of improved visibility on new business volumes.

Make run-rate revenue more manageable

Manage run-rate revenue at the account, territory, or any level in Salesforce with greater accuracy. Give finance, operations, executive management, and investors a clear data story of forecasted revenue, supply, demand, and company performance.

See the difference dynamic can make

Why revVana?

The demand for medical devices and medication is growing. And when targets get missed, human lives are impacted.

“It used to be that hospitals would deal with 50 to 100 back-ordered items per day. There are many institutions that now are dealing with 800 to 1,000 back orders per day.”


“The traditional way most organizations generate forecasts is proving to be too slow, too labor intensive and unresponsive to changing customer dynamics."

Revenue Enablement Institute

“Traditional planning methods lead firms to be caught flat-footed by external shocks, unable to quickly adapt or reallocate money and other resources.”

Bain & Company

Accurate revenue forecasting is possible. You just need the right tools to do it.

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