360 degree view of product revenue streams from sales to delivery

Market conditions and patterns are always transforming. revVana empowers you to be able to dynamically forecast and plan revenue directly from your sales pipeline and closed won opportunities. You can also account for varying ramp times, shifting deals, and other changing factors across all opportunities within a single trusted source in real time.

With revVana you can:

Automate Revenue Forecasting Plans

Forecast and plan your revenue directly from open pipeline and closed deals giving you a 360-view of all of your accounts.

Manage Run Rate Revenue

Set company rules to forecast and manage your base business to account for its sales growth over time.

Multi-Scenario Planning

Compare and manage your revenue plans across a variety of scenarios, from actuals to budgets to quotas.

Demand Planning

Directly forecast future demand based on your sales opportunities from your constantly changing pipeline.

Ready to forecast your Growth?