revVana for Subscription Technology Companies

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Optimize Revenue. Grow Faster.

To survive in today’s world you need to grow fast. Successful companies need to maximize the potential of their revenue so they aren’t left behind. With revVana, get the answers to why you missed your revenue forecast or why it changed. It provides a single source of truth for all sales commitments and automatically creates associated revenue forecasts. revVana instantly translates your pipeline’s TCV (total contract value) or ACV (annual contract value) to ARR (annual recurring revenue) or MRR (monthly recurring revenue) for real-time revenue forecasting.

With revVana you can:

Automate Revenue Forecasting Plans

Quickly forecast and plan your revenue directly from open pipeline and closed deals giving you a 360-view of all of your accounts.

Bookings & Revenue Event Management

Tag and track forecast changes by adding commentary and categorizing significant updates to revenue plans.

Multi-Scenario Planning

Compare and manage your revenue plans across a variety of scenarios, from actuals to budgets to quotas.

Revenue Realization

Identify revenue gaps and improve future revenue forecasts by relating actual financial performance to your sales commitments.

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